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Females that ‘mad’ after Neymar (Video)

Neymar is still in Rio de Janeiro where yesterday presented his new shoes designed by American giant NIKE and vazhdpjë stay home until at least the end of the Confederations Cup “Brazil 2013”.
But a special episode that happened at the moment the new star of Barcelona came into the hotel where the national team is Brazil. A teenage fan of Brazilian, has tried all possibilities to meet 21-year-old, but in vain. The girl tried to forcibly enter the interior of the hotel it is hampered by security forces.
Although eggs are sometimes forced “Neymar, Neymar” she could not meet her idol out of tears from the hotel.

Females that ‘mad’ after Neymar (Video)

French / German Film & Wine: “French for Beginners” | SF

French / German Film & Wine: French for Beginners | SF
Come watch a feel-good movie about about love and culture clash in the 2006 film French for Beginners.
Henrik hates French class with Monsieur Nouvelleville and develops an aversion to anything that has to do with the neighboring country. But then he falls precisely in love with Valerie, who has a French mother and is familiar with the language and culture and therefore helps organize a student exchange. To prove his love for her, Henrik and his friend Johannes also take part in the exchange.
Please Note: On this occasion, the weekly French movie night will take place at the Goethe-Institut (530 Bush Street) and not at Alliance Francais, as it typically does. They will still serve free red and white wine. 
2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, a treaty of friendship putting an end to centuries of enmities between the two countries. Alliance Française and the Goethe-Institut San Francisco celebrate the coming together of the arts, commerce, business, politics and, last but not least, the people of France and Germany.

French / German Film & Wine: “French for Beginners” | SF