Justin Bieber Shocks Fans With Snuggly Selena Gomez Pic

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber Dodges The Paparazzi In A Scene From His Upcoming ‘Believe’ Film.
” ‘You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle’ -her,” Bieber wrote with the filtered photo. We’re guessing “her” is Selena… or maybe a dead-on Gomez look-alike. She looks sleepy while she waits for the 19-year-old heart throb to finish up his songwriting.
Fans went crazy over the photo; some declared their love for Jelena, and others, well, they weren’t as happy.
“i love u but im crying,” one fan wrote.
“She’s gonna break your damn heart again,” said another.
“I wanna know.. why,” a Belieber wrote in disbelief.
JB is currently on his European leg of the Believe tour, and Gomez reportedly visited him in Oslo, Norway, last week. The photo may be a #latergram of the intimate meet-up, and Selena just might have been witnessing Justin writing in his “music journal,” a project in which he’s been writing a song for each city he’s toured in.
We can’t tell you a lot about the newly rekindled romance, but we’re sure on one thing. That “Oslo Song” is going to be one hell of an interesting track.

Justin Bieber Shocks Fans With Snuggly Selena Gomez Pic


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